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Helping Your Pets Adjust To The Back-To-School Routine

bored dog at the windowStep by Step

Cats and dogs tend to crying when we leave their presence because they are unaware of the fast-moving transition. Increase separation, gradually, and praise them when you return. Keep them busy when you are around.

Before Catching the Bus

Provide playful entertainment, so they can rest while you are away. Or leave toys in the room with them, for when their energy switch turns back on. Interactive chew toys are great for such an experience. This keeps them focused, and therefore calm as well. It also stops them from chewing on everything and prevents some sadness of the back to school blues.

When Alone

While away, play calming music, or even turn on the TV. Outside noise will provide a less lonely feeling in the house. Calming chewables or supplements can also be offered to feel as cool as the ice water you’ve had this passing summer. 

Back to school shopping doesn’t just have to apply for your kids, check out your local pet shop for a new addition to their toy, treat or grooming collection. As the backpacks are emptied with beach towels and sand and filled with books and lunches, and brains are tested in class be sure to gain your knowledge about your four-legged pal as well.