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Preventing Cat Fights

The loud and frightening cat fight has been experienced at least a couple times by every owner. Here are some reasons why it happens and how to stop it.

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Rabies In Ontario

Ontario has the most confirmed cases of rabies infections in Canada. Learn about the disease and what you can do to protect yourself and your pets.

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Dog Breed of the Month - Afghan Hound

The king of dogs, also known as Tazi’s or Baluchi Hounds the Afghan Hounds can weigh up to 50-60 Lbs and 25-27 inches in height. The females are just a slight bit smaller. They were the first found in Afghanistan, hence the name.

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Summer Heat Warnings

The summer months can be very irritating for some pets. It gets too hot and there is nothing they can do to get comfortable. To avoid stress cause by heat, here are some things you can do to brighten your pet’s days during the summer months

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Be Your Own Doggy Dentist

Just like you and I, dogs are prone to cavities and although their mouths are said to be cleaner than humans they can still develop tartar, plaque buildup, gingivitis or other problems other than bad breath.

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Exercise Essentials

Lazy days, lazy dogs. It’s very easy to be unaware of how little your dog is active and if he gets the amount of fitness required in a day. Just like humans, they need a combination of exercise and food reduction to slim down if needed. You just need to provide the motivation and training.

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Dog Breed of The Month – Affenpinscher

The Affenpinscher is funky and tiny, weighing between 7-10 pounds. This breed is easy for grooming, but is prone to some health defects and are difficult to train. They grow to roughly 11 inches tall, maximum.

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Cats Fears of Bathing

Cats don’t always hate baths, they just have an issue with water and being wet. They constantly clean themselves so it is surprising they don’t enjoying get cleaned by their owners.

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Buying an Indoor Bunny

There are many options to choose as pets, whether from a breeder, unexpected litters, or from a rescue shelter. Cats and dogs are most common, but there are other friendly pets to enjoy too. Bunnies can be considered for adoption. Taking care of them is quite similar.

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Prepare for the Perfect Pet Photo

Taking pictures of your pet can be a hassle. They move a lot, lose interest and create blurry shots. With these simple steps, it’s easy to capture their cuteness, for a frame, phone or laptop background, and social media.

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At-home Dog Grooming

Learning something new such as grooming will relax your dog, and save you some spending money you can use for treats and toys. You don’t have to be a professional.

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Springtime Dangers for Pets

There’s more to smell now that spring is in the air, and pets might have to re-learn some old tricks in the neighbourhood. Cat fights and “ruff” dog park encounters are just around the corner.

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Keep your pets safe this Easter

Keep a close eye on your bunny to make sure he doesn’t escape to hide chocolate eggs, throughout the night. Be more aware that all pets are safe and unharmed by any dangerous decorations in the household.

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Keeping Your Dog Safe On Winter Walks

Are you still taking your dog out for daily walks during the winter months? Keeping to your dog’s regular exercise schedule is important during the winter, and just like you, they should bundle up before heading out.

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New Year’s Eve Tips for Pet Owners

New Year’s Eve is a time of celebration around the world, but it is also a night of high anxiety for pets, with fireworks, loud music and horns. To help your pet get through the noisy night, consider these tips.

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Get The Cat Owner's Handbook

by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Assocation

Following up on our last entry, the Cat Owner's Handbook is essential reading for any new or existing cat owners.

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Get The Dog Owner's Handbook

by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association

Whether you've added a new dog to the family or are considering doing so, this booklet is for you. Download your copy today.

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Puppy-Proofing Your Home

Just like toddlers, puppies are curious and have a tendency to find trouble in the most unlikely places. Help them play safely by puppy-proofing your home, starting with some of these tips.

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Taking On The Fat Cats

Feline obesity is a significant problem in many homes and can be tricky to manage if not approached properly. Left unchecked, several health issues may arise from long-term obesity.

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Introducing Cats to Dogs

You never know which pet is going to be the leader of the pack, but taking the steps to properly introduce a cat to a dog will help things run smoothly in your blended-pet household.

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Top 5 Tips For Feeding Kittens

If your new kitten if to live a long and healthy life, good nutrition is essential from the beginning. These 5 tips are crucial to getting your kitten started off right.

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Pet Insurance: Is It Worth It?

So you've adopted a new puppy or kitten, and taken it to the vet, where they recommended that you purchase pet insurance. With so many expenses in a pet's first year, is insurance really worth it?

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Planning To Fly?

There are a few countries that will allow travellers to bring their pets with them on vacation, so when the air turns cold, the skies will be full of cats and dogs!

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Doggy Body Language

It is important for everyone to learn how to read and interpret the body language of a canine, whether they are a dog owner or not.

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Puppy Provisions

Much in the same way babies are not simply miniature adults, puppies are not simply miniature dogs. Growing and maturing is a difficult process and special nutrition is needed to fuel it!

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Avoiding Hairballs

Live with cats long enough and your bound to find a hairball somewhere, but there are ways to reduce the number you have to deal with!

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Pet Food: Dry vs Canned

Do you feed your pet dry food, canned food or a little bit of both? Both dry and canned foods can be an excellent choice for a balanced diet, so often times it simply boils down to what you and your pet prefer. Here are a few fast facts about food to help you make your decision!

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Puppy Teething Tips

'Puppy Teething' can be a difficult time for both you and your puppy. Here are some ideas to help ease the stress, and protect your home from damage!

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Baby Proofing The Dog

Everything changes with a new baby, and when your daily routines, attentiveness and availability are changing, your dog is probably going to be very confused at first. Here are some tips to help smooth the transition for you and your dog when welcoming a new member into the family.

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Family Friendly Felines

Bringing a pet into your home is a big decision. Check out these 5 Cat Breeds that are known to interact well with children, especially those who are quiet and less likely to need an active playmate!

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Recognizing Heat Stroke in Dogs

We are starting to get into the 'dog days' of summer, which can be a dangerous time for our furry companions! Dogs don't sweat like humans, making it much harder for them to contend with the heat! Watch for these signs to keep your dog safe this summer!

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Animals can sustain brain damage or even die from heatstroke in just 15 minutes when left alone in a hot car. Spread The Word. Take The Pledge.

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Eco-Friendly Pet Care

Have you ever wondered about reducing your pet's impact on the environment? Here are 5 ideas to help shrink your carbon paw-print!

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Natural Methods For Preventing Fleas In Dogs

There are many chemical treatments and shampoos available to help deal with fleas but, not all dog owners are willing to risk the possibility of toxic side effects. If you are not interested in using chemicals to treat your dogs flea problem, here are a few more natural tips!

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An Update On The Imported Jerky Treat Saga

The US Food and Drug Administration has issued an official update on the situation regarding imported jerky treats from China that have been making pets ill.

View Our Initial Story

Read more to view information from the latest release by the FDA as well as context by veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Coates.

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Need A Veterinarian?

The Emergency Vet Clinic in Brampton, Hwy 10 is here to assist those whose pets needing emergency care on evenings, weekends and holidays, but where can you find a regular vet for non-emergency care?

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Kitty Comfort When It's Cold

You've probably had your wooliest sweaters and socks on for weeks now but while it’s cold outside it’s important to make sure your pets are comfortable inside as well.

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Using Catnip to Curb Bad Cat Behaviour

 Did you know that you can use catnip as a tool to help stop certain undesirable habits that indoor cats develop? It just might be your saving grace from cat-related home destruction.

As many cat owners will attest, keeping furniture looking beautiful and scratch-free can be a struggle at times, and houseplants can have a tough life with a feline in the home. You can, however, take advantage of a cat’s natural attraction to catnip (nepeta cataria) to modify some of these behaviours, correcting furniture scratching and picking as well as plant chewing, digging and toppling.

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Lost Dogs - Wandering In Winter

Much of Southern Ontario has now experienced its first significant snowfall by now, and it’s only mid-November. With this in mind, it’s time to review why the number of lost dogs increases dramatically in the Canadian winter.

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Pet Nutrition

Reading The Food Label

Dog kibble in a bowl   Do you read the nutrition labels printed on packages of food at the grocery store? For those that strive to achieve a balanced diet, doing so is essential to knowing exactly what their intake is of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins & more.

Pets also require a balanced diet to stay healthy and ensure wellness, while warding off illness and helping to prevent future ailments. With this in mind, do you read the nutrition labels on your pet’s food?

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The Facts About Ebola & Pets

Our newstreams are full of stories about the Ebola outbreak and along with this has come theories, conjecture and misinformation. Know the facts about Ebola and how it could potentially impact your pet.

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Cat Dandruff

It’s not only humans that get dandruff, cats can also become afflicted with dry and flaking skin that has impacts not only on their health but that of their owners as well.

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Animal Health Week 2014

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association is highlighting antimicrobial stewardship during Animal Health Week from September 28 to October 4, 2014.

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The Nitty-Gritty on Kitty Litter

The 4 Simple Litter Box Rules

Litter boxes are likely not your favourite part of cat care. In all fairness, it may well not be your cat’s favourite either. Here are some tips to help you both.

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Does Your Pet Suffer From Seasonal Allergies?

You're probably not suffering alone.

It’s almost springtime in earnest, the signs will be starting to show. Warmer temperatures, melting snow, an awful lot of rain, budding plants...

For many, it is the best time of year. A season of renewal, of fresh life.

For some, it means something else... allergies.

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Spring In Their Step

Cats Heading Back Outdoors

Our housecats often long to go outside when the spring weather comes, some staring on the windowsill, others trying their best to perform a jailbreak.

If you have are considering allowing your cat a little more freedom by letting them venture outdoors, there are some things that every pet owner needs to be aware of, from the hazards awaiting your housecat to the habits and hitch-hikers they can bring inside.

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Clearing The Minefield

Backyard Spring Cleaning With A Dog

It’s been a winter for the record books here in Southern Ontario, with cold temperatures and snowfall accumulation not seen in a generation. From November straight to mid-March, it seemed like we were getting snowed on near daily. This is now presenting dog owners with a new seasonal dilemma as spring weather approaches; the melting snow is leaving behind a near 5-month mess of dog droppings sitting atop the yard.

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It's Pet Dental Health Month!

Pet Dental Health is so vitally important to the health and welfare of our pets, so why do so many pet owners neglect it?

February is Pet Dental Health Month to raise awareness of the impact of proper dental and oral care on our pets' lives.

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Lost, Stray & Community Cats: How To Make A Difference

What does one do if a homeless cat shows an interest in forming a relationship?

The answer really depends on capacity, one’s capacity for caring for another animal and the capacity of one’s home and finances to include another dependent. Keep in mind that there are several ways that one can help.

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Technology Improving Communication With Our Pets?

Voyce at CES 2014

Not only are we in the middle of a communication revolution in terms of how we connect with each other and view the world’s events, but we may also soon see a change in the way we are able to connect with our pets.

So how is technology potentially about to improve upon this connection that has been strengthening since long into prehistory? Introducing, Voyce.

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Medicating A Reluctant Cat

The process of medicating at home can sometimes leave both owner and cat exhausted & frustrated. It might be easy to give up at this point but that's not in your cat’s best interests or their health’s.

So how do we get our cats to take their medications?

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Walking Your Dog In A Winter Wonderland

Many pet lovers across the province have begun to undergo that yearly activity of walking their dogs in the snow. It’s time to broach the subject once more to ensure that our dogs are not only getting exercise but also staying safe while doing so.

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Now Boarding: Kennel Cough & The Vaccine

Kennel Cough can be a nasty condition, one most easily contracted in public parks and kennels. Once contracted, it can take up to 3 weeks to heal from with proper treatment, so how does one determine if their dog is a good candidate to receive the vaccine?

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The American Pet Treat Recall

From The Canadian Perspective

You may have recently heard a considerable amount of news with regards to the ongoing investigation into pet illnesses in North America with a possible direct relation to jerky treats that are manufactured in China.

But what updates are available for Canadian pet owners?

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Preventing Abuse

What You Can Do To Support Animal Welfare

Animal cruelty is all around us, all of the time.  Preventing such cases and protecting animal welfare takes us all.

So what can you do to support animal welfare?

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Halloween & Pets

Halloween and Christmas share more in common than the Nightmare Before Christmas and competition for department store displays in the autumn, they are also the source of a significant spike in pet poisoning cases yearly.

Here we list some of the dangers lurking in your own home.

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Caring For Your Senior Dog

Last week’s topic was regarding what to expect as our cats age into their senior years, today we discuss the caring of our elderly dogs.

Dogs provide the greatest loyalty and companionship that one can receive.  As such, it’s up to us to care for our best friends as they age, making sure that their changing needs are met and they live as comfortably as possible.

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Caring For Your Senior Cat

It should come as no surprise that a cat’s needs change as they grow older.  Just as humans develop age-related health conditions and lifestyle needs, so do our pets.

Cats can and often do develop arthritis, renal conditions, joint deterioration and other such troubles as they age.  As such, it is up to us as responsible pet parents to give our cats the care they need as their bodies and needs change during their senior years.

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Night Walks With Your Dog

Now that the days are getting a bit shorter and the nights longer, we should consider how this might impact what is a routine part of dog ownership, going for a walk.

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Don't Let The Thanksgiving Dinner Go To The Dogs

Thanksgiving is upon us, which means Christmas won’t be too far down the road either.  It is the season of the turkey feast (or goose, depending on your tradition), so it’s time to review the highly relevant safety tip, don’t feed your dog turkey bones.

To be completely honest, it’s not just about the bones.  There are other Thanksgiving feast staples that should not be eaten by a dog as they run the range from gastrointestinal irritant to potentially fatal if consumed.

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Before Your Dog Rolls In The Autumn Leaves...

With the new season arrived, as responsible pet owners we must begin to consider the dangers and pitfalls that are associated with and unique to autumn.  The fallen leaves, for example, are worth a moment’s thought.

By no means do I mean to be alarmist, we all love to play in the beautifully coloured leaves that have tumbled to the ground, although admittedly few love to rake them.  Instead, it is a case of what can lie beneath.

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September is National Arthritis Awareness Month

Our pets can develop arthritis just as we do, as it is not a condition limited to humans.  Arthritis, for those unaffected by it, is an ailment affecting joints that causes pain, stiffness and inflammation.  These indicators can have a significant impact on one’s ability to perform daily tasks.  The same is true for our pets, so monitoring their capability to carry out their daily activities is a great way to look for the onset of arthritis.

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The Value of Routine Blood Work

Routine blood work, best paired with a urinalysis test, is one of the best ways that veterinarians can gain a wealth of insight into not only an animal’s current health status but also their propensity for future problems that cannot be found on a physical examination.

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Maintaining Health & Wellness

Veterinary care isn’t just about healing sick animals, quite the contrary.  Just as important as treating disease is the promotion of wellness, the fact by assisting our pets to live their day-to-day lives in a healthy state of body and mind will help prevent illness and prolong their lives.

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The Impact of Nutrition On Your Pets' Health

A meal lacking in sufficient nutrition that can your pet's body begging for sustenance by the time the next bowl comes around.

Not all pet foods are created equal, so how do you, the buyer, sort out what to feed your pet?

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Pets Suffer From Obesity Too

Is Your Pet In The 55%?

Obesity and overweightness do not only affect the human populace, rather we also see it regularly in our family pets.  What’s most troubling is that it is largely a preventable condition for them that can also lead to even more serious health complications further on in a pet’s lifespan.  So how do our dogs become overweight or obese, and what can we do to bring them back to a healthy weight?

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Making the Family Road Trip Fun for You & Your Dog

Summer is nearly synonymous with “road trip”.

Aside from your ultimate road trip playlist, the only other things you really need are friends or family, and your dog nicely fits into both of these categories.

For both of you it will be about new shared experiences and companionship on the open highway, but we all know that hours in the car can often lead to discomfort as well.  Here’s how to plan ahead to ensure that your canine pal has everything that they need for a great time on the road.

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Keeping Your Cat Cool In The Summer

avoiding a heatstroke emergency

Many pet owners immediately think of their dogs and heatstroke, with the yearly warnings to never leave a dog inside of a hot car.  Our feline friends, however, can also feel the heat.

Cats are fairly good at seeking out what they need to maintain a healthy temperature in the summer, but they need our help to let them do it.  The ultimate masters of comfort can’t manage it alone.

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Hot Dog?

Play Indoors Instead!

Southern Ontario can get awfully sweltering in the summer.  Depending on where you live, you can easily reach temperatures of 35 C plus humidity... it makes one sweat just thinking about it.

When the weather gets really hot, it’s a good idea not to have your dog exert too much energy outside as it can lead to heat stroke and dehydration.  Your pup does, however, still need their physical and mental exercise all the same.

So what can the two of you do together that’s fun and a workout? Here’s some ideas:

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Pet Health Insurance

Is It Right For Me?

So what does one gain from signing up for pet health insurance?

Start researching pet health insurance today online and get yourself a free quote.  It is more cost-effective than you think.

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Is Coprophagia Rampant In Your Home?

the insides and outs of dogs eating poop

Dogs are sweet, loving, loyal and adorable pets, but sometimes they eat poop and we don’t want their panting hot breath within 10 feet of us.

While not necessarily an immediately unhealthy habit, it is considered all the same to be a fairly disgusting one as far as dog owners are concerned.  So why do some dogs indulge in coprophagia, what does this mean for their health and how can we dissuade them from continuing?

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Ticks, Lyme Disease & Your Dog

It’s not just humans that can contract Lyme Disease, and quite often it is our canine family members who find the ticks first.  Dogs are lower to the ground, don’t wear pants, and an easy victim while on walks through wooded or longer-grassed areas.

Ticks that carry Lyme Disease are present across Canada, and that includes all of Southern Ontario and an infection in your dog can lead to joint inflammation, lameness and kidney damage.

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Sick As A Dog: When Vomiting Becomes A Concern

One idea about our canine friends that seems to have perpetuated throughout the years is that dogs are presumed to vomit frequently and that it is normal.  This is partially true but also highly misleading.

Vomiting is as natural a process as any and is a built-in defence against the ingestion of harmful materials by expelling that which is harmful.  In this way, dog vomit is normal.

It isn’t normal, however, for it to be a common occurrence.  If our pet’s vomiting mechanisms are set into motion, this means that their body has been thrown into defence-mode by a threat and is trying to protect itself.  For this reason, as pet owners, it is vital to assess why they have vomited and whether our pet is still in danger.

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Adopting a Pet

Are You Ready?

Becoming a pet parent is both a joy and a very large responsibility.  Often times, those who haven’t owned a pet before don’t realise the considerations that need to be made ahead of time in order to find the right pet for their living situation.  Not all dogs are alike, just as not all cats or pocket pets have the same care needs.

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Is Your Dog Afraid of Thunderstorms?

Spring weather brings with it some spectacularly wet weather, and even the occasional thunderstorm.  These electrifying events are not only awesome in their power and beauty but also terrifying to many and a reminder of how vulnerable we are, including to our dogs.

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The Dangers of Parvovirus

Parvo is very highly contagious, spreading via anything that has had contact with contaminated feces.  Most often this is done by licking paws after unknowingly walking through it but it can also be carried on our shoes or another dog’s fur for instance.

Once contracted, the disease as an incubation period of several days before the virus attacks the gastrointestinal tract with full force, causing a sort of “wasting” effect on the dog.
Parvovirus can be treated with intensive care at a veterinary hospital but early detection is vital.

Here are some symptoms to watch for:

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Intestinal Worms Your Pet

I’m sure we can all agree, worms are disgusting.

While the warmer weather sees a renewal of so many beautiful and wondrous things, it seems a cruel
juxtaposition to have it also rejuvenate the dreaded worm season.

As pet owners, it is up to us to protect our pets from parasites. When you see your veterinarian this Spring be sure to ask about intestinal worm prevention, but in the meantime here are some details:

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Heartworm: A Threat You Can't Ignore

We’ve briefly discussed heartworms before in this space, but it’s time to get a little more in depth about the issue.

So what are heartworms?

They are a parasitic worms that live in the heart, bloodstream and the blood vessels that feed the lungs.  It is a condition that is as serious as it sounds.  Shown here is a photo of a heart that has been infested by the parasites.

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Having A Pet Brings Health & Happiness

Springtime is a wonderful season and a great time to get back outdoors and spend time with your dog or curl up by an open window in a comfy chair with your cat.

It feels great to be with our pets and there’s good reason for that.  Owning a pet is good for our health!

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Spring Outdoor Dangers For Your Pet

Spring is when most of us start to get out in the garden and ready our properties for the sunny days ahead.  It is important to note that his time of year also comes the dangers associated with it so it’s important to review how we can keep our beloved furry family members out of the emergency room.

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Fleas: Eliminate The Problem Before It Starts

Fleas. They’re horrible little things aren’t they?  Unfortunately, they’re not as scarce as their circuses of old.  What can you do to prevent your home and your pets from an infestation?

There’s actually plenty of tricks and treatments that you can employ to fight and even prevent the menace.

Making Your Home Flea-Free
There are many simple ways to make your home less appealing to fleas and to also rid it of any existing bugs.  Here are some tips to keep in mind as you’re cleaning house.

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Easter Can Be A Dangerous Time For Pets

If you are a regular reader here, you may remember an article written about the many dangers and perils of the winter holiday season.

Unfortunately, these same problems arise during the close of winter and early spring.  The next festive event that threatens the health of your pets is Easter.

While it may often seem like a less extravagant occasion, many households with children celebrate the day with baskets, treats, chocolate eggs and the mysterious Easter Bunny.  While children revel in the joy of the egg hunts and the sweets, your pets unfortunately have access to some pretty dangerous stuff.

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Spring Cleaning For Your Pets: Time For Grooming!

Now that we are earnestly leaving the winter months behind us for many of us our thoughts turn to spring cleaning.  While we wipe our windows and swif our swiffers about, let’s not forget about our furry friends, who after a long winter can probably use a session at the groomers!

Either visit to your local groomer or a pampering afternoon at home if you have the tools of the trade carry many benefits for your pets.  I will review some of them here.

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Spring Allergies & Your Pet

It’s almost springtime in earnest, the signs will be starting to show.  Warmer temperatures, melting snow, an awful lot of rain, budding plants...

For many, it is the best time of year. A season of renewal, of fresh life.
For some, it means something else... allergies.

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Cats & Winter House Plants

If you are a regular follower of our posts, you’re ready for many of the dangers your pet faces as the temperature falls and the winter winds blow.

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All Dried Out

If you are a regular follower of our posts, you’re ready for many of the dangers your pet faces as the temperature falls and the winter winds blow.

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Winter Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is a common ailment and while many of us suffer from its associated pain, it’s not just humans who feel the sting of joint pain in the winter months.

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Pets & The Holidays

The holiday season is upon us! It is near impossible to go shopping now without being reminded, but believe it or not, both you and your pet love the holiday season for much the same reasons.

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Winter Walks

We all know how essential regular walks are to your dog’s health and happiness but now that winter is upon us there are extra precautions that you need to take to ensure your best friend stays safe and avoids the pitfalls that can come with the cold, dark weather.

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Baby, It's Cold Outside

Autumn seems to have passed by in a flash this year, filled with chilly temperatures and plenty of rain. Now that we’ve turned back the clocks and the sun is setting on our cold November days much earlier, we are reminded that Old Man Winter is near.

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How to Tell if your Dog is in Pain

While there are obvious signs that your dog is experiencing pain – like yelping or limping – dogs will typically try to hide it. This can be blamed on genetics: a wild dog that appears to be hurt can fall victim to predators.

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