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Dog Of The Month - Akita

akita dogThe soft coat of the Akita makes them the perfect cuddle buddy, with some stern training that is. An expected life span of 10-12 years, this medium sized dog can provide lots of love.

History, Tips and Tricks

Originally from Japan, this breed was a powerful hunter of bear, deer and wild boar that only royalty could own. It has also been a tradition to receive a dog statue of the Akita if you were sick. Today the Japanese have been training them to be excellent guard and police dogs.

The Akita’s are tough, athletic and although beautiful also very territorial. They are built for climbing steep mountains and deep snow. They have a high risk for biting something that is strange to them and can be aggressive, much like the Rottweiler. Yet, they are also closely linked to wolfs. Overall, they don’t like to share their space with other animals.

Early training is to relieve some of its defensive behaviour, especially for families. The Akita’s are very caring towards its owners because of their protective instincts. With the right methods, these pets can be a companion for life.

Fur Needs

The soft fur of an Akita is about 2 inches long and comes in all colours and patterns. They are very furry with lots of hair that gets everywhere but grooming is low maintenance. Brush once a week to remove dead hair, especially when shedding.

Fitness Suggestions

Appreciates daily exercise such as a long jog with or without a leash. Exercise is beneficial for these dogs because they become better mannered within the house. Hip, elbow and eye tests are recommended with their visit to the veterinarian.

These energetic fur balls are messy eaters and drinkers, but won’t mess with your heart. Training is required for a family atmosphere but Akita’s are truly loyal.