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Picking The Perfect Name For Your Pet

Agreeing with other family members can be the biggest struggle. These tools should help.

Some Options

Boy and puppyTry thinking of someone that inspires you. This can be the name of a singer or actor you like, or TV characters. Naming your pet after someone famous can be comical yet cute. Even brand names can be persuasive. Such like, Prada, Porsche or Armani.

Think of your hobbies as well. If you enjoy science, elements on the periodic table can be used as a name, like Nickel. If you like to cook, there are foods and desserts that can be used for naming. Some examples are Pickles, Oreo and Pumpkin. If you like to travel, names such as Paris, Denver and Vegas can be used from around the globe.

Together Forever

Create a list of names to choose from and have a family meeting to narrow the list down to one special name. Brainstorming is needed, and Google can be a helpful place to look if you are having any trouble. There is just one mandatory objective, everyone needs to agree.

It’s easier for pets to identify and get used to their name if it is shorter. One or two syllable names are recommended. Speaking of your pet, providing a name based on his or her personality or physical features can be done as well.

Something To Keep In Mind

At all times avoid a name that could offend someone, you don’t want to insult neighbours or possibly the vet.

This sometimes-challenging process is great for letting out some creativity and adds to the family bonding experience. Choose something you can connect too.

“Pets don't really care what you call them, as long as you call them for dinner”.
- Dr. Marty Becker