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Entertain Kevin the Dog When Home Alone

The luxury of being able to take your pet everywhere you go would be incredible, but it doesn’t exist. Sometimes there is no other option but to leave your dog behind, like work, trips or nights outs. keep him entertained all on its own, hopefully you won’t miss one another too much.

Self-fetching toys

Thanks to technology the ifetch can keep your dog busy when you’re not at home, and provide some exercise. This way they can play fetch all on their own. Any toys can make your dog happy, so lay out something they can chew on before you head out. Also, if you like DIY’s and your dog likes to dig, build him a digging box. Just add some toys for him to find in the box filled with dirt. If you have a fenced in yard, place the box outdoors so there is less of a mess in your home.

Adopt another pet

Sometimes it’s comforting for your dog to have a companion nearby, to benefit one another. Unless the dog has separation anxiety this trick is not recommended. This provides some attention from something lively. Otherwise, have a friend, family member or neighbour or someone your dog is familiar with drop by for a visit. Hiring a dog walker can also be favoured.

Southing sounds

Playing some music or leaving the TV on so the dog can listen and watch to whatever is playing helps him feel like he isn’t fully alone, or it can be calming. Either way the dog has something to be occupied by. Provide a nice view by the window so there is more to look at.

This should keep your pets busy enough so they don’t grab a phone dial his play mates and host a doggy party while you’re gone. Provide extra kindness when you’re back around him though.