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Dogs Like Watching TV Too

Dogs love attention and the time spent with their owners. Even when you’re watching TV they like to be by your side. Is that a coincidence or do they also find entertainment in the shows you watch?  Sometimes doing such small things for yourself like watching a TV show or movie keeps you both occupied. Here’s what dogs like about film fests.

Continuous Action

Dogs take interest in the fast paced moving objects and sounds made. The high-pitched and squeaky sounds are familiar and why some chew toys provide them amusement. One show that is recommended is Wipeout. It is quick and random, and filled with sound effects.

The Scenery

Dogs like a watching landscapes presented because it relaxes them. Dogs take pride and love being able to run around freely in the wild, or a field for hours at a time. Don’t let them get so peaceful that they don’t want to go outside and go for an actual run.


The stress of hearing a doorbell, vacuum cleaner or a car horn aren’t noises dogs are the fondest of. With the right volume, let your dog experience such things in front of him rather than steps away. This gets them used to real life occasions.  Having a dog get familiar with sound, noise and even music   prevents them from getting startled by anything that is unexpected to be heard.

It has also been discovered that TV programs are specially coloured to enhance picture details and this helps a dog because they can’t see red or green. Take some comfort in lounging out on the couch with your pet. Maybe get alarmed when the dog looks around the room for a ball that was thrown from inside the television.