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Cats Fears of Bathing

Cats don’t always hate baths, they just have an issue with water and being wet. They constantly clean themselves so it is surprising they don’t enjoying get cleaned by their owners.

The main reason: the fur of a cat isn’t designed to be drenched.

Wet and Wild

Cats fur becomes waterlogged, which is otherwise known as soaked. This weighs them down and creates discomfort. Chemicals used in tap water are also not always liked because of the scent it gives off. Everyone is afraid of trying new things. If a cat hasn’t had any experience in water, they naturally become jumpy.

A Cats Curiosity

You will notice your cat stick its paw into water because of curiosity. This is a completely different feel than being fully placed in the tub or sink full of water. If your cat is testing the waters don’t take it as an ideal move to force him in. This will limit its want to try again, and get near the same experience. Scaring your cat could cause injury to you and him, and lose trust.

Be Calming

Bathing your cat shouldn’t often be required unless strolls outdoors have caused them to get dirty. In this situation bathing sooner is better so there are no hard bits to pull out, leading to pain. Speak to your mouse-catcher as he is pet, and gently ease him into the water. A fast pace will cause a freak out. There is always a sponge bath to wipe down struggling cats. Starting baths as kittens is the most valuable thing you can do, in this position.


If it is a hot day, cats may take pleasure in a bath, it can be refreshing to them. Some cats take pride in hunting. If a fish is swimming in water your sniping friend might be interested in joining, or perhaps accidentally falling in.

Cats are very resistant based on their own natural instincts. If you recall your cat ever fallen in into an amount of water he could have startled himself. Usually they hide after as well.