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Can’t Decide Between Owning a Cat or Dog?

You Don’t Have To

Are you a dog person and a cat person? Most people are afraid each animal will attack one another, but there are successful ways to create acceptance between the two. 

A Cat-friendly Dog 

Some dogs are naturally friendly with cats and other animals around them. Breeds that don’t mind the company tend to be retrievers, pugs and maltese. Other dogs such as hunting breads consider other animals more as prey. These breeds tend to be huskies, bullmastiffs and greyhounds. No matter what, observe each pet’s behaviour and pay close attention to their temperament. Don’t just blame the dog. Cats hiss and swat for their own protection but could hurt others. 

Introductions and Environments 

You want each animal to get to know each other slowly. Let both the cat and the dog get used to one another’s scents by placing them each in its own room, that’s divided by a door. This lets them know of each pet’s presence without the need to feel worried. Feed them a meal, and gradually let them come closer in contact starting from opposite ends of the room. A dog is usually strong so putting him on a leash is a safe option during the first meeting. They should always be in a controlled and closely supervised space by you. 

Free and Friendly 

Start off by letting your cat explore the house without any interactions and interference from the dog. As he is showing comfort, let him explore another part of the room.  This also improves getting familiar with scents. If your dog listens to commands its likely he will play nicely with the cat. Try to minimize the amount of jealousy between the two.

Inviting a cat to live with you in your house full of dogs and vice versa can be very welcoming. It may be easier to introduce them than your first thought, especially if they are both young.