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Springtime Dangers for Pets

There’s more to smell now that spring is in the air, and pets might have to re-learn some old tricks in the neighbourhood. Cat fights and “ruff” dog park encounters are just around the corner.

Little BUG-gers

Get your pets protected against ticks, fleas and common bugs. Check with your veterinarian to see which medications are most suitable to your loved ones. Intestinal parasites are found in soil and are also more predominant in warmer weather. Heartworm preventatives fight against these bugs, and occasional stool checks or de-wormers may be required. Be aware of frequent pests such as black flies. They can irritate your dog, and leave itchy red spots. They are more of an annoyance than a danger unless allergies are relevant. Benadryl is usually a great healing aid after stings from bees, wasps, hornets, or spider bites. Be prepared.   

Blooming Threats

Keep your pets safe from toxins used for lawn care. Adult cats and dogs are less likely to be harmed by poisonous plants, flowers, shrubs and mushrooms. Although, puppies eat almost anything! Beautify your gardens during blooming season according to your pet’s health. Azalea, rhododendrons and the lilies-of-the-valley are commonly risky.  

Watch your kitties and pups play as they enjoy the appearing warmth as you cool down with a drink in your lawn chair. Keep them hydrated this spring and make sure the spring grass buffet isn’t eaten for and extended period of time.