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Prepare for the Perfect Pet Photo

Taking pictures of your pet can be a hassle. They move a lot, lose interest and create blurry shots. With these simple steps, it’s easy to capture their cuteness, for a frame, phone or laptop background, and social media.

Photo Ready

Just like us people, dogs look best in natural light. Go outside or stand near a window, so you avoid using flash. White walls also enhance natural light and it removes clutter in backgrounds.
Lightbulbs with a yellow tint do not make for the best photo. Try to plan the shoot during the day, when the sun is out.

3, 2, 1 Smile

For a natural photo get down on your pet’s level, this will provide a better-angled portrait. Animals like dogs get frightened on a slippery surface, so pose them on something like fabric, or place them in their natural setting. For a photo ready pet, take your model out for a walk beforehand to let out some extra energy.

The Love of Treats

Treats are always encouraging. If it’s possible to place a treat on top of the camera so your pet’s eyes are in the right direction, do so. For quieter pets, try training them so that every click means a treat is awarded. Toys can be beneficial too. If your pets are interested in bells or squeaky noises it can also be used to direct them in your direction.

Cheer them on and praise them. Although, their attention isn’t always needed for an adorable picture. Feel free to say cheese but don’t give them any.