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Keep your pets safe this Easter


Keep a close eye on your bunny to make sure he doesn’t escape to hide chocolate eggs, throughout the night. Be more aware that all pets are safe and unharmed by any dangerous decorations in the household.

It is common to set out floral arrangements within the home to elaborate on this special event. Some of these flowers are very toxic when eaten and should be placed somewhere unreachable. Although Easter lilies, cyclamen and amaryllis are beautiful they can cause suffering to your beloved small friend. The poison is in the roots and bulbs. Small portions can result in vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, abdominal pain, and breathing problems. A larger amount has the consequence to cause heart rhyme abnormalities, seizures, organ failure, and worst case death. Your cat’s health is more vital than the lovely sight of flowers.

The foods served at your get together should not be introduced to your pets. Such foods include: Breads, ham, pork roast, and candies.  If you are making bread it is very important that your pet does not sniff and nibble on it. Already made bread is not as bad. Typically, when dogs eat uncooked dough the yeast causes suffering and fatal problems caused in the stomach. The stomach acts as an oven because of its warmth, this adds expansion and discomfort. If this happens, surgery could be required. This could also trigger blockage for the blood to return to the heart, creating shock. Ham and pork contain an excessive amount of fat and salt causing an upset stomach. It is known that chocolate is very unsafe for your companion so is the replacement of sugars in other candies, xylitol. When injected lower blood pressure, seizers, commas, and liver failure are commonly known to happen. Keep these products on a high shelf and contact veterinarian medical help in any scary scenario.

Easter baskets can contain wrappers, tinsel, as well as multiple other choking hazards. Be sure to throw out any wrappers, and be cautious to place all gifts in an untouchable space to keep your pet safe.

Keep an eye on your pet this Easter to ensure all goes well.