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Helpful techniques to Comfort your dog through a thunderstorm

LightningThe weather doesn’t affect all dogs, some are more fearful than others. Some dogs are born unafraid, and some can be trained not to be in their early stages of life, although it is difficult to cure. Panic can appear for dogs that have more separation and anxiety issues. This reaction can also be referred to as “storm anxiety” or “noise phobia”. Dogs that are startled by storms are usually afraid of loud noises and fireworks can come into the same affect. Let them know there is nothing to fear, here are some quick tips to do so:

Provide comfort

Try to stay near your dog at all times for comfort. During a storm find a quiet spot in the house for both of you to relax. Providing a blanket to snuggle with or bringing along his or her favorite toy to play with. This is suggested so there is something new to focus on. You can also offer a treat to create a distraction to the loud noises outside. The more you can entertain your pet the more noticeably content it will be. Following these steps will associate that lightning and thunder could be play time, and bring up happy thoughts instead of upsetting feelings.

Discarded some old habits

It is important not to cuddle your pup more than you normally would. The sense that you are anxious will be felt and your furry friend will be more nervous. This will stop its acceptance of getting comfortable with the storm. Looking directly into your dog’s eyes unintendedly forms the sense that something is wrong, so avoid it.

“Want to go for a walk buddy?”

If you know about a storm appearing later in the day, take yourself and your dog for an extra-long walk. This can help make sure your dog can nap through the critical conditions.


Keep the home quiet by eliminating any extra noise that comes from TV shows or music on the radio. Buying a thunderstorm sound CD, to practice and get used to the noises that can be heard can be helpful.

Required Remedies

Certain medications can be given to your dog as well. Such a procedure requires advice from your veterinarian for the best-suited solution, brand, and dosage. Melatonin can calm down and act as a sleep aid for humans, but it also has some benefits for dogs, in a calming way. Your dog won’t fall asleep, but instead be more careless about the thunder that is usually bothersome.

Some severe actions performed by your pet can include destroying furniture, or not wanting to go outside for several hours after a storm. The age of the dog does not affect the ability to adapt to weather conditions. Protect your companion the same way they protect you.