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Buying an Indoor Bunny

There are many options to choose as pets, whether from a breeder, unexpected litters, or from a rescue shelter. Cats and dogs are most common, but there are other friendly pets to enjoy too. Bunnies can be considered for adoption. Taking care of them is quite similar.  

Quick facts about rabbits:

  • Eat like herbivores

  • Very social and affectionate animals

  • Usually at least 12 inches long

  • Live up to 10 years with proper care  


Diet and Feeding

Bunny’s should eat mostly hay or grass, this provides the most nutrients and should also always be available. Vegetables like carrots and lettuce should be provided most often next. Pellets are third on the chain and the last is healthy treats like dried fruits. Unsafe foods are avocados, onions and anything dairy. Bunnies also like to chew on things. Apricot or peach fruit tree branches should not be given.

Home Sweet Home

The housing of a bunny should be at last four times the size of him, for play and exercise. The bigger the better. With space for a bed made of something like hardwood shavings. Drastic temperature change is not healthy, and direct sunlight in drafty areas should be avoided. Also, rabbits can be kept with the opposite sex if spayed or neutered, or same sex if raised together, but without any other small furry pets. Clean their space at least once a week, and let dry before the rabbit enters the habitat again.


Brushing your bunny’s hair should be done on a regular basis. They stay clean on their own and don’t need baths often. Using a shampoo designed for bunnies or kittens can be used if necessary. The ears can also by cleaned with a cotton ball, without going into the ear canal. The nails and teeth are also very vital. When they seem too long consult a veterinarian to avoid nails from curling and length of teeth.

Some of the most common female rabbit names are Daisy, Oreo and Bella.

Some of the most common male rabbit names are Thumper, Oreo and Bun.

Hold your bunny by supporting the body, and never pick it up by the ears. Enjoy its social skills and petting such soft fur in your home.