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At-home Dog Grooming

Learning something new such as grooming will relax your dog, and save you some spending money you can use for treats and toys. You don’t have to be a professional.

Starting point

Begin by washing and brushing the fur of your dog. This helps to untangle any knots and take out anything that could be stuck from play time outdoors. This step prevents pain from occurring when using clippers to cut the hair. You’ll also need a comb and a slicker brush.

Clip and Snip

For a better experience, it is best to find the quietest clippers possible. The style of blades is also important and differs for your dog’s coat. Ask for help from the seller if needed. While snipping away, make sure the clippers don’t get too hot, to prevent burns to the skin. Spray on clipper cooler or lubricant which can be bought, or simply lay the hot blade on something metal to absorb heat. This provides less stress for your pooch and less struggle for you. Keep the clippers sharp to stop hair from being pulled out. Take your time and glide the clippers slowly in the direction of the growth of your dog’s hair for the best results and a smoother coat.


The earlier you start grooming your pup, the sooner he will be used to the process and behave for his appointment with you. Hold him still to avoid any movement that can injure him. Start shaving from the dog’s neck to its back legs, then focus on his sides. Don’t be fearful. If needed take one more trip to the salon and have your groomer show you the process. Keep the original look of your dog’s breed in mind, but feel free to be creative as well. Remember, the hair keeps them warm.

Grooming your dog should take roughly 15-20 minutes, depending on the size, length of the hair and the overall enjoyment.