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Methods to Prepare your Pet for Spring

Dog digging

When seasons change, most people start to react to allergies or don’t feel 100 percent at first. Pets also have some things to get accustom too. Certain grass and pollens can cause itching, scratching or sneezing after coming inside, resulting in a needed trip to the veterinarians. With Spring rapidly approaching temperatures will rise and more outdoor activities will begin, and new risks can be a factor to your household pets. As the owner, you can properly prepare your loved ones for the upcoming season.

Never walk alone

As the temperature increases overheating becomes more prevalent. So, walks in the middle of the afternoon are not ideal. During the morning and evening the air will be cooler, as well as the asphalt you perhaps will be walking on. Pack some water to prevent overheating, and watch for excessive panting, and the slowness of your pals walking to avoid a potential heatstroke.


Eating and cooking outside is very well known for the warmer weather. While preparing foods on the BBQ be certain your four-legged friend can’t snatch anything it shouldn’t. Foods that can be harmful are garlic, onions and salt. The picnic table should not be left unattended with grapes, cherries, raisins, apricots, avocados, chocolate, alcohol, caffeine, or gum either.

Prevent any Pain

While the dog rolls around in the mud, make sure to garden away any visible foxtail. They are prickly grass-like weeds that can easily get embedded into animal’s paws, or their skin because of tiny sharp and pointy barbs. These little stems are painful and difficult to remove. Avoid the soreness of such plants by removing them from your yard.

Avoidable Ailments

Fleas and ticks can irritate your pet any time of the year, but while they play outside in the yard, it is more common to be affected by them. Clean out their collar daily to reduce any effects. With mosquitos in the area heartworm is more common. Be equipped to introduce a prevention medication if none has been brought up before.

The lead up to the warmer months can be a lot more satisfying by avoiding any harm around your home, or local trails. Prepare your pets for the change in season by taking the proper precautions and enjoy your longer days with some doggy and you time.