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New Year’s Eve Tips for Pet Owners

New Year’s Eve is a time of celebration around the world, but it is also a night of high anxiety for pets, with fireworks, loud music and horns. To help your pet get through the noisy night, consider these tips.

Create a Safe Room

Many Pet’s have a favourite hiding place where they go when they are frightened. Know your pet, place them in a room where they can not hurt themselves or damage your belongings.

Use Positive Noise to Distract Your Pet

Try using a distracting noise to help cover up the alarming sounds. Calm classical music can help to relieve many animals’ anxiety. Turn the music up to a comfortable volume; enough to drown out some of the loud party sounds, but not too loud to be disturbing to your pet.

Exercise Your Pet to Calmness

Exercise your pet’s as much as they can handle and hopefully, when the noise starts, your pet will be too tired to get very stressed out by it.

Distract Your Pet With Toys and Games

Give your dog or cat some food puzzles to play with during the time when there will be a lot of noise, or get a few new toys for them to play with.

Make Sure Gates and Fences are Secure

It’s best if you do not allow your pet to be outdoors on New Year’s Eve. The fireworks and other out of the ordinary sounds may be scary for dogs and cats. If you do allow your pet outside be sure that your gates or fence is secure and that your pet is on a leash