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How to Keep Your Dog Entertained Indoors During Bad Weather

When the weather is bad outdoors it can be difficult to take your dog outside to get the exercise they need to stay in shape. When you must stay indoors, try some of these indoor exercise tips so your dog can get the exercise that is lacking.

Run Up & Down The Stairs

Stand at the top of the stairs and toss a toy down to your dog. When they grab their toy, call their name to bring the toy back. Try for a few rounds to give them a good workout.

Set Up an Obstacle Course

Find objects inside the house that can be improvised to help your dog get some exercise. Try using cushions to build tunnels for your pooch to navigate or using old hula hoops for them to leap through.

Hide & Find Treats

Hide some of your dog's favourite treats around the house and let your pooch track each of the treats down.

Try out the Treadmill

After helping your dog get comfortable with the device, put him on the treadmill and turn it on the lowest possible speed.

For additional exercising tips and tricks, contact your local veterinarian today.