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Puppy-Proofing Your Home

Puppy on the couch with cushionsJust like toddlers, puppies are curious and have a tendency to find trouble in the most unlikely places.

It's always best that puppies are supervised when not in a crated area of your home but there are important additional considerations to keep in mind.

Help them play safely by puppy-proofing your home, starting with some of these tips:

Keep These Off The Floor & Out Of Reach

  • Items such as any garbage or recycling, keep rubbish bins inaccessible
  • Children's toys and game peices are often chewed by teething puppies, don't forget to get all of the Lego bricks
  • Electrical cords can provide dangerous shocks when chewed but a puppy can also pull small appliances and lamps onto the floor if not protected
  • Curtain and blinds often have cords that puppies like to chew, keep these out of reach
  • Clothing that you aren't ready to sacrifice, including those tasty shoes and socks
  • Crafting items such as tools, yarn, string, buttons and more that can be very harmful if swallowed
  • Office items like pins, paperclips, staples and other small pieces that are easily ingested
  • Potentially toxic houseplants that cause everything from stomach upset to liver failure

Secure These Additional Items For Their Safety

  • Outlet covers can also help to prevent puppies from shocks as some have a tendency to lick electrical outlets
  • Any medications in your household should always be kept secure and inaccessible by pets of any age
  • Another reason to keep the toilet lid down at all times, it removes the temptation to drink or falling into the bowl
  • Cleaning supplies can be fatally toxic, ensure that your puppy cannot open the cabinet door to get to them
  • Products such as antifreeze and herbicides are extremely dangerous and should never be accessible by a pet
  • If you have a fence, check for weaknesses or areas where a puppy might be able to squeeze out and escape your yard

For additional puppy-proofing tips and tricks, contact your local veterinarian today.