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Pet Insurance: Is It Worth It?

VeterinariansSo you've adopted a new puppy or kitten, and taken it to the vet, where they recommended that you purchase pet insurance. With so many expenses in a pet's first year, is insurance really worth it?

The Short Answer: YES!

The hardest part of a veterinarian's job is trying to balance the fact that we want to save every animal that walks in the door with the fact that we need to be able to pay our rent, our employees, and ourselves. 

As the care provided to your pet evolves, the costs for emergency procedures, surgeries, and unforeseen situations can get quite expensive. Having pet insurance will take finances out of the picture when you need to make a difficult decision as to what the next step is when it comes to your pet's treatment. 

Yes, there is always a chance that you will pay for insurance and be lucky enough to have a perfect, healthy pet that will never need to cash in on it, but if things happen to go the other way, it would be horrible to be forced to say goodbye to your friend because your financial situation won't let you treat them. 

The best time to get pet insurance is when you first get your pet. If you have ever been through applying for insurance yourself, you know that if you have been to a doctor for a specific problem, that problem will be excluded from what is covered. Hopefully, at your first routine checkup you will have a healthy little friend who will have no exclusions on their policy. 

We try to have this conversation with all new pet owners, and many have come back to thank us months or even years later after an emergency has come up, and they had the insurance to pay for the treatment their furry friend needed. There are lots of companies out there who offer insurance for pets.

Call your veterinarian to discuss which company, and which policy would be best for you and your best friend!