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Doggy Body Language

Tired Dog

Knowing how to read and interpret what a dog is thinking based on their body language is a great way to know how to behave around them, to keep both them and yourself safe. 

Here is a simple to follow guide.

Behaviours Of A Happy Dog

  • Relaxed, Comfortable Position
  • One Paw Tucked Underneath Body
  • Tail Wagging Rapidly Or Thumping On The Floor
  • Play Bow (Chest Towards Floor, Rear In Air)
  • Panting, Happy Expression

Behaviours Of An Anxious Dog

  • Raising Of One Paw
  • Half Moon Eyes
  • Tail Between Legs, May Or May Not Wag
  • Sideways Ears Or Ears Back
  • Rapid Panting
  • Urinating

Behaviour Of A Dog Preparing To Bite

  • Dog Becomes Suddenly Stiff
  • Front Legs Splayed, Head Low
  • Lip Curl, Teeth Showing

Behaviour Of An Aggressive Dog

  • Growling
  • Snarling
  • Snapping
  • Guarding Owners, Food, or Toys
  • Aggressive Barking
  • Lunging On Or Off A Leash