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Pet Food: Dry vs Canned

Do you feed your pet dry food, canned food or a little bit of both? Both dry and canned foods can be an excellent choice for a balanced diet, so often times it simply boils down to what you and your pet prefer. Here are a few fast facts about food to help you make your decision!

 Dry Food

Generally, dry food is cheaper than canned food. So if money is tight, buy a dry food made with wholesome ingredients. 

Dry pet food is also much easier to store, as well as to clean up. With canned food, you have to make room to keep it in the fridge, and there's usually some cleaning to be done (the bowl, the floor, even the pet sometimes). In fact, some dry foods are specially made to clean your pet's teeth and promote oral health!

Canned Food

Very few dogs will turn down the opportunity to eat wet food, when if they have been picky about eating dry food in the past. 

Canned pet foods tend to have more water and less carbohydrates than dry food, which can be beneficial under certain circumstances. 

Although most people exclusively feed their dogs one or the other, many veterinarians actually recommend a mixture of both. Depending on your preferences, you can primarily feed your dog dry food, with just one or two canned meals per week, or you can feed your dog canned food every day with a layer of dry food sprinkled on top!

The most important thing is that you discuss your options with your veterinarian. Your pet needs a well-balanced diet that benefits their lifestyle and health. This may mean dry food, canned food, or a mixture of both. 

Whatever you choose, it's important to pay attention to the added calories when feeding your pet a mixture of canned and dry food, in order to avoid weight issues!