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Recognizing Heat Stroke in Dogs
















As we come into the hottest part of the summer, we need to begin thinking more abut our furry companions and how the heat impacts them! Dogs become overheated very easily, which can lead to severe health issues! If you notice your pet exhibiting any of these behaviours, contact your veterinarian immediately!

  1. Heavy Panting
    Panting is a dog's primary way of cooling off. When exposed to warmer weather, a dog begins with a slightly open mouthed lighter panting. As they get warmer, it will escalate into a fully open mouthed pant, with a swollen tongue hanging out the side. If you notice your dog is panting heavily, get them to a cool, shady spot immediately (preferably somewhere with air conditioning or a fan) and offer them cool water. 
  2. Excessive Drooling
    Creating excess saliva is another way your dog can diffuse heat better than panting alone. If you notice your dog is drooling excessively in warmer weather, it might be a sign that they're having difficulty cooling off and you should get them to a cooler area.
  3. Frequent Breaks Lying Down
    If you've noticed your dog trying to lie down and take a break while on a walk or during outdoor activities in the summer, it is a clear sign that they are feeling to effects of the heat and need to take a break to cool down. Allow them time to recover and offer fresh water. If your dog collapses from the heat, wet their fur with water and rush them to a veterinarian.
  4. Racing Heart / Irregular Heart Beat
    Another sign your dog may be overeating is a racing heart. Increased heart rate is the body's way of moving as much overheated blood as possible out to the limbs and away from vital organs, where it can cause the most damage. If this happens to your pet, rush him to a veterinarian. 
  5. Other Signs Of Heat Stroke
    If your dog is more lethargic than normal, lacking in appetite, stumbling around or begins vomiting or having diarrhea at any point in the heat, seek veterinary attention immediately! These symptoms could indicate that your pet is suffering internal damage from heat stroke, which may lead to death if nott treated immediately!

For more information on how to recognize heat stroke in your furry friend, contact your veterinarian today!