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Every year pet fatalities occur when animals are left in hot vehicles.

The Ontario SPCA is once again running their award-winning online initiative #NoHotPets, which aims to educate the public about the severe dangers of leaving pets in cars during the summer, even 'just for a minute' while they run errands. 

Guardians who choose to leave their pets in a vehicle may face criminal charges under the Ontario SPCA Act, or the Criminal Code of Canada.

Pets do not sweat, and so they are much less able to cope with extreme hot temperatures than we are. Heat stroke is swift to set in, leading to a number of deaths each year.

Just because windows might be open on a vehicle does not mean that the temperature will not rise to potentially deadly levels. If your pet is showing signs of heatstroke, call your local emergency veterinary clinic immediately.

For more information on how dangerous it is to leave your pet in a vehicle, view the OSPCA's #NoHotPets Fast Facts.

Spread The Word.
Take The Pledge.
Visit nohotpets.ca today.

If you do see a pet that has been left in a hot vehicle this summer, contact the Ontario SPCA or local humane society or call the police.


Ontario SPCA
Call: 519-310-7722
Email: cruelty@ospca.on.ca
Visit: ontariospca.ca

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