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Eco-Friendly Pet Care

Have you ever wondered about reducing your pet's impact on the environment? Here are 5 ideas to help shrink your carbon paw-print!

These are our favourite ideas from the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association!

Looking for more eco-friendly pet tips? Visit CVMA.

1. Bathing Your Pet

Using low or no-phosphate biodegradable pet shampoo is an easy way to make your pet care routinemore environmentally sustainable! Whenever possible, avoid bathing your pet in bodies of water to prevent phosphorus, body oils and dirt from entering rivers and lakes. 

2. Recycling Pet Toys

If out-grown or out-of-fashion pet clothes and toys are still in good condition, recycle them by making sure they are clean, and then donating them to your local pet shelter or humane society, or sell them to another family so their pet can enjoy them!

3. Purchase Smaller Bags Of Pet Food

Buying smaller bags of pet food will reduce waste by ensuring that the food is consumed before it expires. Feeding expired food to your pet is not ideal, as key nutrients begin to break down during storage.

4. Buy Accessories Made From Sustainable Materials

Avoid plastic when shopping for accessories for you pet. Look for collars and leashes made of cotton, hemp, or other sustainable fibres. 

5. Try Natural Compounds For Cat Litter

Maximize your use of recycled materials but using pelletted shredded paper, or even grain in place of store bought cat litter. Clumping litters are not good to flush down the toilet for many reasons. 

For other suggestions on how to be environmentally-friendly while raising your pet, ask your veterinarian today.