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The Importance of Dog Licensing

Dog licensing is a very important aspect of ensuring the safety of your pets. A dog licence must be renewed annually for a $20 fee, however the many benefits associated with a dog licence far outweigh the cost of the licence itself.

Many dog owners believe that their dog will never go missing, but the chance of your dog wandering off at some point is high. If your dog gets lost, their licence will be invaluable in ensuring you are reunited.

Some Benefits of Licensing Your Dog …

  • The licence on a dogs collar will be instantly visible to anyone who comes across your pet and is the fastest way for them to ensure that you are contacted.
  • Most people are far more likely to approach a licensed dog than a dog that appears to be homeless, which gives licensed dogs a much higher chance of being reunited with their families.
  • If your dog is brought to a shelter, the licence will ensure that you are contacted right away by a staff member, which will allow you to pick up your dog and prevent boarding fees from adding up. This also means your dog will spend less time in the shelter, and reduce the stress they may experience.
  • Dogs without licences tend to be stigmatized as neglected, so ensuring that your dog has a license shows that you are a responsible pet owner.
  • Perhaps the BEST reason you should ensure your dog is licensed … The City Of Brampton Animal Control By-Laws Require It!

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