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Kitty Comfort When It's Cold

Cats are creatures of comfort so what can we do to make sure they stay warm and cozy from December through March?

Gimme Shelter

First and foremost, it’s best for your cat if you keep them indoors during the winter months, even if they tend to go outside from time to time during the warmer seasons.

There are some serious threats to cats outdoors in the winter, including:

  • volatile weather and freezing temperatures to invoke hypothermia
  • whiteouts and vast fields of snow can disorient and cats become lost
  • the temptation to warm themselves on a car engine is strong as it is a rare source of warmth outside but could lead to fatality

If, however, your cat is very good at sneaking its way outside, ensure that there is a spot that they can go on your property that they can go to take shelter and keep warm. Just make sure that there isn’t any antifreeze accessible in this location as it is extremely toxic but tempts them with its sweet flavour.

The Heat Is On

Cats love heat sources so make sure they are both accessible yet don’t pose a danger, for instance, if your home has a fireplace it is important to keep sparks at bay with a fireplace screen.

If your home has baseboard or radiator heating, consider placing an elevated perch or bed next to the heat source to encourage this as a safe place to get cozy, while also making them less likely to cause themselves damage by sleeping directly on the heat source itself.

Born To Run

All cats need exercise, regardless of the season. Winter is a great time for playing together as you’re more likely to be stuck inside. The interaction of playing together strengthens the bond you share with your cat, increases health by burning calories, and increases happiness and sleep quality…

...for both of you.

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

If you live in Ontario you know that winter is unpredictable and once in a while it sends a major storm event our way. These can cause severe disruptions, with roads and businesses closed and potentially power outages as well.

With this in mind, it is important to plan ahead to ensure that any pets have the supplies they need that can last them through any such incidents. Keep a healthy stock of their food and any medications they are on so they are not left wanting.

Additionally, throughout the winter it’s a great idea for you and your cat to cuddle at any opportunity, not just when the power goes out. Their owner’s lap is often a cat’s favourite heat source and it’s a relaxing place for bonding for both owner and cat, so go on and have a snuggle.

For more ideas on how to keep your cat happy and healthy during the winter months, contact your local veterinarian today.