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Technology Improving Communication With Our Pets?

Voyce at CES 2014

The world is a much more connected place today than it was even just a few short years ago, instant communication has never been more readily accessible thanks to the technology, messaging and social networking we now rely upon heavily at times. Not only are we in the middle of a communication revolution in terms of how we connect with each other and view the world’s events, but we may also soon see a change in the way we are able to connect with our pets.

The relationships and communication lines between humans and our pets have been forged over many millennia. In the case of the domesticated dog, both humans and canines have literally evolved together as their mutual dependency on each other for work, welfare, food and companionship helped to ensure our mutual survival and are the reason why dogs are now human kind's best friend.

So how is technology potentially about to improve upon this connection that has been strengthening since long into prehistory?

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 (CES), one company aims to help us understand our pets on a whole new level through the use of wearable technology, introducing Voyce.


Voyce Logo




Developed in collaboration with dog experts, Cornell University and biomedical engineers, i4C Innovations’ wants to help dog owners understand their pets better with their advanced collar that uploads important information pertaining to a dog’s day and health to an online database that can be accessed anywhere by desktop or mobile device. This information is presented in a manner that will help the dog owner understand their pet’s needs, desires and health to a greater degree and reach individualised health goals, while also sharing this information with their veterinarian for ongoing health and wellness management, tracking trends over time.

There is a social sharing aspect to the technology as well, allowing photos and information about your dog to be shared on social media, giving family and friends an insight into the pet’s healthy and happy lifestyle.

What may be most interesting, however, is the potential value for dogs with existing health conditions. Their vitals signs and wellness indicators such as calories, activity and rest can be followed and analysed quickly and easily by both parent and veterinarian, ensuring that their health and wellbeing are regularly monitored and managed.

See the video and visit the Voyce website below for more information.