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Spring Check-Up - Reasons To Visit Your Vet This Spring

It’s been said before, but we’ll say it again because it’s advice worth heeding.

Be sure to visit your local veterinarian this spring for a checkup with your pets.

Why is it so important to go now? Here’s several reasons:

Want a list of the little blighters that can not only be a nuisance but also cause serious illness? We’re happy to oblige.

  • heartworm can be a killer
  • fleas are not only itchy but also spread diseases like tapeworm
  • ticks can often carry lyme disease
  • bacterias that cause sickness or gastrointestinal problems

Bugs can be found everywhere and don’t mess about. Use a spring trip to the vet as a time to renew your yearly.

Many veterinary clinics also offer a grooming service, and if yours doesn’t then they can definitely recommend a good one.

Vaccines schedules often catch up with us when we aren’t looking. Check your pet’s medical records or bring them in to the vet to make sure your pet is guarded against many of the deadliest diseases. Your vaccines may change from region to region based on the local history. If you’ve moved within the last year then this is a must.

Growing Up
Has your pet passed from puppyhood to adulthood in the past year? From adulthood to being a senior? These changes in life stages can bring new experiences and challenges. A trip to your vet can make sure you know what to expect and the proper care to provide to keep your animals healthy.

Proper Identification
Does your pet bring their ID every time they go out? With the warmer weather, incidents of pets wandering off rises because of the great smells and experiences spring has to offer. If your pets don’t have the proper identification in the form of ID tags and microchipping, getting them back home again can be a lot tougher.

There are even other reasons, but as spring goes on, we will elaborate some more on some of these issues and others to help you keep your and your furry family healthy and protected. In the meantime...

Book a visit to your local veterinarian.