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Having A Pet Brings Health & Happiness

Springtime is a wonderful season and a great time to get back outdoors and spend time with your dog or curl up by an open window in a comfy chair with your cat.

It feels great to be with our pets and there’s good reason for that.  Owning a pet is good for our health!

Relief from the stresses of life...
There have been a multitude of medical studies dedicated to the health effects of pet ownership, and one of the biggest ways that pets make us feel better is through stress relief.  Those who have pets in their family tend to have reduced levels of the stress-causing hormone cortisol in their bloodstream, resulting in less stress, lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure.  And it’s not just stroking your pet that does it, just having them around makes a difference.

Here are some more health perks from owning a pet:

  • You’re not crazy... Talking to your pets is a great way to relax and is shown to reduce stress and blood pressure, just like petting them.
  • Who needs friends... Among women, the presence of a dog has a tendency to lower blood pressure even more than being with best mates!
  • There’s nothing like good company... Animal therapy at hospitals and retirement homes reduces loneliness and contributes to fewer trips to the doctor
  • Nobody gets me like my pet does... Our pets make for the best listeners. They’re always sympathetic and will never judge you, no matter what beans you spill. 
  • “And then my boss... OH LOOK A PUPPY!”... Pets are a fantastic break from our daily problems and worries and not just because they are adorable.  Have you ever noticed how easy it is to make friends when you’re walking your dog?

Humans and our pets have a long history together and there are plenty of reasons for why we gravitate towards each other that have been handed down through the ages.  Just look at us, we make a great pair, don’t we?

Make sure to spend some quality time with your pets this season, you’ll both reap the benefits.  Take care of your furry family and they’ll take care of you.