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Fleas: Eliminate The Problem Before It Starts

Fleas. They’re horrible little things aren’t they?  Unfortunately, they’re not as scarce as their circuses of old.  What can you do to prevent your home and your pets from an infestation?

There’s actually plenty of tricks and treatments that you can employ to fight and even prevent the menace.

Making Your Home Flea-Free
There are many simple ways to make your home less appealing to fleas and to also rid it of any existing bugs.  Here are some tips to keep in mind as you’re cleaning house.

  • experts agree that it is generally a good idea to start outside with your cleaning and work your way inside from there
  • vacuum your floors and furniture
  • fleas and their larvae love to hide in carpets, be sure to clean out your vacuum with soap and hot water often
  • wash the fabrics that you can in the washing machine
  • clean your pets’ sleeping area and toss the bedding in the washing machine
  • there are also flea treatment specific cleaners that can be utilised in your home that are both organic or chemical depending on your preference
  • brush your pet often as it not only stimulates the skin and fur but also allows you to check for fleas and ticks
  • sterilise your brushes and combs in hot soapy water and clean thoroughly

Helping Your Pet Stay Parasite-Free
Flea prevention doesn’t end with cleaning house.  For this reason, many pet owners choose springtime as an opportunity to make an appointment with their veterinarian for a check-up and start to their yearly flea and tick control regime.  There are many varieties of preventative measures on the market with varying degrees of effectiveness.  Consult your veterinarian this spring on what type of treatment is right for your pet.

Call your local veterinarian today to book your spring check-up!