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Spring Cleaning For Your Pets: Time For Grooming!

Now that we are earnestly leaving the winter months behind us for many of us our thoughts turn to spring cleaning.  While we wipe our windows and swif our swiffers about, let’s not forget about our furry friends, who after a long winter can probably use a session at the groomers!

Either visit to your local groomer or a pampering afternoon at home if you have the tools of the trade carry many benefits for your pets.  I will review some of them here.

A great wash for your dog is so important to their hair and skincare regimen, coupled with regular brushing and a well balanced diet.  Bathing your dog with a non-dehydrating and soothing shampoo will remove the buildup of mud, road salt, sand and who knows what else that’s accrued over the winter.  Afterward, they will feel revitalised and you won’t miss the smell.  Cuddles all around!

A Fresh Haircut
For long-haired cats and dogs a spring haircut can be just what the doctor ordered (and your vacuum).  When the temperature drops we often let our pets’ hair grow in the winter to allow them a little extra comfort.  Now that the warmer weather is approaching, those winter coats will start to drop and long-haired pets could do with a fresh ‘do.  Not to mention, a mud puddle somewhere is just waiting for a romp. 

Seeing a professional groomer can have many benefits, as they are often be able to clean and trim areas that you may not be able to access as easily such as the muzzle, ears, backside and footpads.

After a trim, make sure to heap the compliments on your friend because they too can be sensitive to their loved ones opinions.  Even dogs like to look their best!

Nail Trimming
Nobody does a mani-pedi like your local groomer does.  Tie in this service with your trip to the groomer or if your pet will let you make sure to add this to your official spring cleaning list.  Paws with long nails have a tendency to retain mud and other exposed mushy materials that were buried under the snow, nobody wants that in the house.

Flea Detection
Another benefit to a professional groomer is that these professionals are also experts at flea spotting!  If the groomer gives you an all-clear on the pest report, make sure to visit your veterinarian to start your flea prevention schedule to keep them flea-free.

With these spa treats your pet will not only look and smell great but they will absolutely love you for it. 

And what the heck, why not get them a brand new collar to complete the makeover!