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Shedding: How You Know Spring Is Coming

You may have noticed the temperatures getting warmer...

...so has your pet.

Our pets always build up a thick winter coat when the colder weather comes and as the thermometer creeps higher that’s the signal for them to go back to their sleek and slender selves. They can’t wait to share their surplus fur with you, and soon it will turn up everywhere from your dryer filter to your best outfit.

Get ahead of their shedding by brushing your pet daily. This not only eases your need for sticky rollers but also has health benefits for your cat or dog. I’ll list just a few perks of regular brushing below:

  • removes the loose excess fur
  • keeps skin healthy by stimulating bloodflow
  • helps prevent infection-causing matting in soft-coated breeds
  • gives you some great bonding time

Some breeds benefit from a regular trip to a professional groomer and the change in seasons is a great time to book their next visit. Dogs with a particularly fine coat tend to mat easily so a regular grooming regime can help prevent those hot spots from occurring.

As the winter turns to spring, keep your pet happy and healthy with regular brushing. Both your finest outfits and your friendships will benefit.