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Keep Your Emergency Vet's Info Handy

We at the Brampton Emergency Veterinary Clinic know that keeping your pets safe and healthy isn’t always an easy. Prepare as you may, some emergency trips are unavoidable. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to keep your emergency vet’s info handy for times of need.

If you are a regular reader of our Vet News page, you know that there are many hazards waiting but unfortunately our pets often don’t know better. Each season and environment offers its own dangers but you cannot always plan for the unexpected.

Probably the best measure that you can take to ready yourself in case of emergency is to keep your emergency vet’s info at the ready. Program their number into your telephones, and also that of the Pet Poison Hotline should your pet ingest a harmful substance. Also wise is to record the address of the nearest emergency vet so that you can quickly plan the shortest route to the hospital. If you own a smartphone, add them as a contact with this information for quick contact and GPS mapping.

If you live in the Brampton area, the details for the Emergency Veterinary Clinic are as follows:

Unit 10, Wexford Road, Wexford Square Plaza,
Brampton, Ontario

Pet Poison Hotline 1-800-213-6680

Our service area is Acton, Georgetown, Milton, Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, Bolton, Orangeville, Mono and Palgrave.

When seconds can make the difference, why waste a moment? Program your local emergency vet’s info now!