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Healthy Teeth & Gums Help Prevent Medical Emergencies

It sounds drastic, doesn’t it?

It’s true though, ensuring that your pet’s teeth and gums are healthy goes a long way to avoiding deadly heart, lung and kidney disease. What starts as periodontal disease can quickly spread throughout the body.

A multitude of pet products are advertised as the weapon to prevent against bacteria, plaque, tartar build up and gingivitis, yet it is perhaps one of the areas of pet health that get overlooked the most. Perhaps we too often assume that toys and chewable treats are enough to stem the tide.

In a staggering statistic, the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), reports that nearly two-thirds of pet owners do not provide the dental care that is recommended by their veterinarians. www.healthypet.com

Ways that your veterinarian can help include oral examinations and dental cleanings. Cleanings are recommended on a yearly basis for cats and small dogs or a two year routine for larger breeds. Cleanings and other dental procedures are performed with the same care and diligence as major surgery.

Not all pet dental care takes place in the vet’s office, either. Pet owners play perhaps the most vital role in ensuring their pet dental health. Oral care toys and treats from the store certainly help as the chewing and gnawing come naturally to our pets and go a long way to removing plaque. And just like you would do at home for yourself, regular teeth brushing at home is essential. Not to mention, those appointments to the vet aren’t going to book themselves either...

If you haven’t already, consider starting a dental care routine for your pet. Contact your local veterinarian today to book an appointment for an oral examination and to learn more.