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Leaving Pets In Your Car For Extended Periods

Most of us have heard the sage wisdom that we are not to leave our pets in hot cars during the summer months as it causes great risk to our furry friends. Many pets are lost every year to heat stroke from being left in a hot vehicle by their owners, but did you know that a similar danger applies during the winter?

Leaving your pet in the car in the winter can also cause extremely serious harm to your pet.

Cars are very good at intensifying the outside climate. Because of this, hot cars become ovens and cold cars act as refrigerators, trapping in the cold. Over time, the inside of a vehicle will actually be colder than the outside temperature. Consider a pet left in a car for a time while the temperature outside is -10 degrees. A pet left in these conditions for extended periods will quickly develop hypothermia.

For further reading on how to identify onsetting hypothermia, review our article "Baby It’s Cold Outside."

If your pet is exhibiting signs of hypothermia it is important to contact your emergency veterinary clinic immediately. To reach the Emergency Veterinary Clinic in brampton, call 1-905-495-9907.