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Pets & The Holidays

The holiday season is upon us! It is near impossible to go shopping now without being reminded, but believe it or not, both you and your pet love the holiday season for much the same reasons.

To name only a few:

  • Delicious scents coming from the kitchen
  • Tasty holiday treats to snack on/steal from the table
  • The amazing dinners
  • Christmas trees to explore and presents underneath to open
  • New things to play with/chew on
  • Decorations to enjoy
  • Bubble wrap to pop

It is, however, important to remember that the holidays can also be particularly dangerous for your pet but there are ways to avoid an urgent trip to the emergency veterinary clinic.

Things to watch out for and keep in mind include:

  • Many holiday treats have chocolate in them, which is very poisonous to dogs. Do not allow them access to these.
  • Holiday decorations may look pretty but many can be extremely harmful if swallowed by a pet. Much like with small children, please be mindful of where these are placed.
  • Allowing pets to eat table-scraps during the holiday season can be deadly if any bones are consumed. Never let your pet eat the bones.
  • If your pets like to eat wrappings from gifts, be sure to clean these up before they get the chance. The papers, plastics and dyes can be very difficult to digest or even dangerous.

When spoiling your furry friends this season, make sure to give them treats and toys that are pet-appropriate. Emergency veterinary clinics everywhere see a spike patient care needs at this time of year. Don’t let your pet have anything less than an enjoyable holiday.