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Does my dog need urgent care?

How can you tell what needs emergency care and what can wait till tomorrow? Get care at once if:

  • Your dog has trouble breathing.
  • Your dog is bleeding and it won't stop. Apply pressure with a clean cloth and get moving.
  • Your dog's abdomen is swollen, distended or painful.
  • Your dog has symptoms of heatstroke (heavy panting, weakness, temperature of about 104 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Your dog can't keep its balance or is having a seizure.
  • Your dog is straining but can't seem to go to the bathroom, or has bloody stool.
  • Your dog has ingested poison, has broken bones or penetrating wounds.
  • Your dog has problems delivering puppies (labor for more than one hour, or 15 minutes with the membrane or puppy showing)

Our Emergency Veterinary Clinic in Brampton is fully equipped with modern veterinary medical technology for:

  • assessment and treatment of trauma cases
  • intensive care treatment
  • on-site blood and urine testing
  • radiology (x-ray) services
  • anesthesia and emergency surgery
  • continued care for chronic and life-threatening illnesses

Emergency Veterinary Clinic hours of operation are:

  • Weeknights from 7pm-8am the following morning
  • Weekends 24 hour service from Friday 7pm to 8am Monday morning